Impact World 2016

Since 1993, Impact World has hosted events for millions of young in their schools, arenas, and public spaces reaching into the heart of urban youth culture, and bringing truth to life. They speak directly to the issues at the heart of youth culture with radical insight and clarity. Impact World toured in Kent and Sussex Counties in the state of Delaware in 2016. The performing groups of Impact World consist of three teams: Global Xpression, are a dance/skate collective; Team Xtreme, professional power lifters, body conditioners, and martial artists; and Island Breeze, traditional dancers from the Pacific Islands.

Looking to spark interest and draw audiences to Impact World's tour in Delaware, our team was tasked with advestising the events on local televsion, as well as video and social media advertising. Working with Impact World to gather footage from recent performances, I worked independantly on all visual materials for their advertising materials. We wanted to capture a hip, high-energy video that would appeal to gradeschool-aged children and families with children.

This campaign was executed while Graphic Design at Cool Nerds Marketing.