Grandma Shaw's Labels

Grandma Ada Mae Shaw was a hardworking, spiritual mother who raised 16 children near Muscle Shoals, Alabama in the early 1900's. Ada Mae believed that Godliness combined with great and delicious food would fill her family with love. Produced by Chosen Pure Foods, Grandma Shaw’s line includes specialty Slaws & Sauces that have been passed down through many generations.

Our goal with the Grandma Shaw's label redesign was to capture the traditional feel of homemade slaws and bbq sauces with a more modern aesthetic. By combining custom typography based on weighty slab-serifs with custom illustration in a more contemporary style, I created unique looks for each product, while maintaining a strong cohesive look for the whole line. We chose a bright yellow background that contrasted well with the bold, black banner elements. A more simple, clean typography treatment for the "Our Story" and "Serving Ideas" conveyed Grandma Shaw's history while allowing the label appear modern.

This campaign was executed while Graphic Design at Cool Nerds Marketing.