Golden Thread

Golden Thread was designed and developed by a small, 10-peson team during the 48-hour 2018 Global Game Jam event. As 2D Designer, my role was to help create 2D artwork for the game which included concept art, promotional art, interface/screen designs, the logo, gamemaps, and textures for 3D objects. I worked closely with the team Art Director and other visual artists to capture a refined stylistic identity and cohesive look throughout the game design. 

“The Ancient Greek Labyrinth brought into the modern day, updating its technology, and melding the old with the new. You take on the role of Theseus “Theo” or Ariadne “Ari” and to help navigate through this tale of twists and turns. With the transmission of data between the players you can make your way out of the labyrinth.”

This project was executed with a team during the 2018 Global Game Jam.